Fact Check: Photoshopped image of Kapil Sibal and his wife inside slaughterhouse goes viral

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A picture of Congress leader Kapil Sibal and his wife Promila Sibal purportedly posing with butchered animal carcass around them inside a slaughterhouse is going viral.

A Facebook user, Vinita Agarwal, has posted this picture on Facebook along with a Hindi caption, “This is the picture of Asia’s largest slaughterhouse run by Congress leader Kapil Sibal and his wife Promila, now do not call this a fake” (Congressi Kapil Sibal aur unki biwi Pramila ka gaye, bayl kaatne wale Asia ke sabse bade kassaikhana ka photo, abb yeh na kehna yeh bhi farzi hai).

The archived version is here .

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found that the viral picture of Kapil Sibal and his wife inside a slaughterhouse is photoshopped.
The original picture was first published in The Washington Post in 2007, in an article on a French female butcher, Stephanie Gerbier.

This particular viral picture is circulating on social media since 2014. This particular Facebook post by Vinita Agarwal on Sibals, which was uploaded on March 8, 2019, has been shared by more than 7500 users, till the time of writing this article.

Several other people have also posted the same content on Facebook.

Using a combination of reverse image search and keywords search, we found that the original article “The New Artisans” was published in The Washinton Post on June 6, 2007.

The article was written on a butcher from France, Stephanie Gerbier. Stephanie, a French woman had gone against his family’s wish to choose this profession.

The viral image shows smiling Kapil Sibal holding a large portion of raw flesh in his hands, while his wife, Promila Sibal, in a white apron standing beside him.

Comparing closely with the original image published in The Washington Post, we can clearly find that the images of Sibals used in the viral one are morphed and superimposed.

Morphed viral Image

Original image

Fact Check website SMhoaxlaye debunked this claim that went viral in 2017.

It has been reported several times in various news websites that Promila Sibal is a meat exporter and owns several abattoirs. This can be read here and here.

But the image used in the viral post is photoshopped.

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