Horror Stories of Overworked Kolkata Docs: Patients at Huge Risk

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A young doctor confesses, “After a 24-hour shift, I had to go to the Operation Theatre for more work. But I was so tired that I went there and asked for permission to sleep. I slept in the OT under the table, and it’s horrible that I had to do that.”

India’s junior doctors are inhumanly overworked. It’s severely harming their own health, and the quality of healthcare provided to their patients. Despite being in a profession where their mistakes can cost lives, there is hardly any attention being paid to this deadly medical crisis.

In a special podcast on The Quint, overworked and sleep-deprived junior doctors speak up on condition of anonymity, against the exploitative conditions in which they work in government hospitals, and how dangerous it is for the patients under their care.

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