In a Toxic Relationship? This is How It Impacts Your Self-Esteem

No relationship is perfect. But sometimes you get caught in such a whirlpool of toxicity that you start losing your sense of self. You know that something is missing, and that something is you.

Being in a toxic relationship is like living your life with your hand over the self-destruct button, all the time.

So, how to identify if you are in one?

A toxic relationship involve physical and emotional abuse, cheating, gaslighting, blaming, belittling and distrust.

The illustrations below explain how it eats into your self-esteem, and you slowly lose your self.

It’s Not Always Physical

You Question Yourself, Constantly

‘It’s My Fault’

You Deserve Better

(The intent of these illustrations is to offer understanding and present a clear mirror to those who are in a toxic relationship or who may not recognise that this behaviour is harmful.
If you recognise any of these signs, seek help. Talk to family friends and seek out experts. You can refer to this safe list of mental health specialists here.)


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