Woman’s Assault Video Shared With ‘Love Jihad’ Context is From Pak

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A video of a woman being assaulted by her husband has been widely circulated by social media users under the title of “Love Jihad”.

The caption of the video in question claims how the woman was beaten and forced to consume urine after she was “lured” into love Jihad abuse. It also claimed she was trapped by seven guys after she started following Muslims on social media app Tik Tok.

The 45-second clip, which shows brutality against the woman, went viral on both Twitter and Facebook.

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The viral caption says “एक और मोहतरमा लव जिहाद में गई। और इनको मारा पीटा गया पेसाब पिलाई गई। ये सेक्युलर थी और बोलती थी ये बहुत अछे होते है tik tok पर सभी मुस्लिमों को करती थी follow वही से इन्हें फँसाया गया। 7 लड़कों ने.”

It loosely translates to: A woman went into love Jihad. She was beaten and was forced to drink urine. She was secular and used to say they (Muslims) are very nice. She followed many Muslims on Tik Tok where she was trapped by seven men.

You can find the archived version of the tweet here.

You can find the archived version of the tweet here.

A longer version of the video was circulated on Facebook in which the woman is shown narrating her ordeal and blames her husband and mother-in-law for torturing her.

The 45-second clip went viral on Facebook as well.


The video is of an incident from Pakistan’s Karachi.

On breaking the video into key frames using InVid, a video verification platform, and conducting Google reverse image search, led us to a report by Samaa, a Pakistani news website.

According to the 13 August report, the woman in the video is a Pakistani-Italian and the incident was initially tweeted by a Pakistani journalist Iqrar-ul-Hassan.

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Hassan also tweeted out a photo of the FIR against the woman’s husband Ali Jabir Moti.

After a user tagged Italian Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo in Hassan’s tweet, he took cognisance of the matter the same day.

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