Chandrayaan-2 captures second set of images, maps lunar surface of moon

New Delhi, Aug 26: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday released second set of pictures of the Moon’s surface, captured by Chandrayaan-2’s Terrain Mapping Camera-2, another milestone for India’s space mission.

The images of the lunar surface were captured at an altitude of about 4375 km showing impact craters on the surface such as Jackson, Mitra, Mach and Korolev.

‘Lunar surface imaged by Terrain Mapping Camera 2 (TMC-2) on 23rd August 2019 at an altitude of ~4375 km showing impact craters such as Jackson, Mitra, Mach and Korolev,’ the tweet reads.

‘Jackson is an impact crater located in the northern hemisphere of the far side of the Moon. It is a 71-km dia crater at 22.4°N and 163.1°W (shown in the inset)’ ISRO posted on its official website.



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