9 Long Weekends To Watch Out For In 2020

Seems surreal but we are just a few days away from 2020. Do you realise the gravity of it? We are officially going to be ushering in a new decade. Congratulations on surviving this one and condolences if it has been a particularly tough 10 years. With a fresh year to turn over a new leaf, there is still hope for you. But when the going gets tough, you have a lot of long weekends to look forward to in the coming year. 2019 has been quite generous in its share of holidays and 2020 isn’t looking too bad either. It’s always smart ahead of yourself so here’s taking a look at all the long weekends of 2020.

1. February 21, Friday – Maha Shivratri February 22, Saturday February 23, Sunday

Consider: February happens to be a pretty neutral month in terms of the weather as it’s neither too hot nor too cold.
It also happens to be the month when there are plenty of festivals happening all over the country. If you are in the mood to hit the beach, then there’s no better time. With the Goa Carnival (22-25 Feb) happening, you can get your share of the sun and frolic around.
You can also head up north to Agra and celebrate the wondrous Taj monument at the Taj Mahotsav (18-27 Feb).

2. March 7, Saturday
March 8, Sunday
March 9, Monday – Take a leave
March 10, Tuesday – Holi

As a kid, Holi meant celebrating it by running around and throwing water balloons at everyone in my sight. But it has changed since then. A lot of people prefer celebrating it quietly without the hassle of washing away colours that just don’t go away for days. I honestly think it is always fun to celebrate Holi with lots of food and a dip in the pool. And if it involves a pool party, it is even more fun. You can think about taking off from the city and celebrating in the lap of nature. With various resorts all over the country, like the Vivanta By Taj in Coorg. Or if you want to go further up north, you can head to The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa in Gulmarg.

3. April 4, Saturday
April 5, Sunday
April 6, Monday – Mahavir Jayanti

We all know what the month of April is all about. The heat and humidity are just beginning to set in and when you have three days off, getting away from it is a blessing. Keep it simple and just take some time off and hit the hill station closest to you and bask in the chill. Some of our favourite destinations are Ooty, Lonavala, Shimla and Matheran.

4. April 10, Friday – Good Friday
April 11, Saturday
April 12, Sunday – Easter
April 13, Monday – Vaisakhi
April 14, Tuesday – Ambedkar Jayanti

5 days off! This calls for a proper vacation. When was the last time you got 5 days off of work? It’s practically a gift from God, especially when you can take those many days off as paid leave. So, don’t make the mistake of going somewhere nearby. Head out for a full-fledged vacation. Hell, if you can pull it off, go to Europe. Okay, that might seem a bit far-fetched but you can go somewhere closer home like the Maldives.

5. May 22, Friday – Jamat Ul-Vida (Take an off)
May 23, Saturday
May 24, Sunday
May 25, Monday – Eid-ul-fitr

Alright, if you couldn’t make the most of the five days off, you still have these four days off. And when it is in the middle of May, you obviously want to go to a place that is cool and not make you sweat like crazy. Spending time in the hills in the midst of greenery is always a good idea. Might we suggest a trip to Manali?

6. July 31, Friday – Bakri Id
August 1, Saturday
August 2, Sunday
August 3, Monday – Raksha Bandhan

Ditch your regular brother-sister affair this Raksha Bandhan and take a trip with them. I can assure you that it is the best decision you will make. Travelling with your sibling is one of the best ways to bond with them and reminisce your childhood memories and make new ones. Take that long-awaited trip to Goa or even Gokarna for that matter. And if you are not in the mood for a trip then just bond with them over fun activities. Head on down to an adventure park and turn into kids again, even if it is just for a weekend.

7. August 29, Saturday
August 30, Sunday
August 31, Monday – Onam

There’s nothing better than celebrating Onam in God’s Own Country. That’s right. Head over to Kerala to immerse yourself in the festivities. Or simply take it easy and spend time sailing in your houseboat with a gorgeous view of the backwaters.

8. November 14, Saturday – Diwali
November 15, Sunday
November 16, Monday – Bhai Duj

What can we even say about the Festival Of Lights? It’s my favourite festival of all and I prefer spending it away from the noise and the ruckus of the city. How about going stargazing instead of watching the noisy crackers burst? Sounds super tempting, so go ahead and do it. Trust me, you won’t have any FOMO because you won’t be missing out on anything. Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Kattao in Sikkim are some of the best places to catch the twinkling lights.

9. December 25, Friday – Christmas
December 26, Saturday
December 27, Sunday

And just like that, we have reached the last long weekend of 2020. And you obviously want to spend it in a big way. if you can extend your leaves, you can even stretch the weekend till the beginning of the New Year. I say, go big or go home. Head on over to your most-desired vacation spot. For me, that is Europe. Maybe it could be the ideal vacation spot for you too.


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