Here’s to keep a beard healthy and well-groomed, according to health experts

Beard for time immemorial has been the centre of masculinity. It is considered as a prominent secondary sexual characteristic for men.

It is not enough to just grow a beard because it is easy, but most important thing is to maintain and keeping it well-groomed. Because, if not, it can be associated with poor hygiene or an uncivilized, and dangerous demeanour.

Sumesh Singh, a 28-year-old software engineer from Pune, consulted a dermatologist on how to take care of beard. He said, ‘I love growing beard, and I wanted to take a doctor’s advice to have a healthy beard. Though I had read online about it, I wanted to take personal opinion, and so I visited a specialist.’

Dr Suvidha Agarwal, a dermatologist from Pune, said, ‘It is not just Sumesh, but many like him are paying me a visit, and asking for tips on how to take care of their beard. There is a general trend that is observed where youngsters have started growing beard now. Moreover, sporting a beard can hide that double chin, or a short chin, and the absence of a jawline. The current Indian cricketers and Bollywood personalities have glamourized having a beard.’

Dr Mohan Thomas, a Cosmetic Surgeon from Mumbai, said, ‘Beard should be washed and shampooed atleast thrice a week. It is important to keep the beard soft and remove the grime and excess oil, so that there is no itching and formation of boils due to infection. Any good quality shampoo used for head wash can be used to wash the beard, which is free of sulphates and contains natural ingredients. No need of buying a beard wash, there is nothing special about them.’

‘After washing the beard, it is important to oil it so as to condition the beard and keep it soft and shiny. Use an oil that has essential oils and extracts with natural ingredients. The oil seeps into the skin and moisturizes it preventing itchiness, flakes, and maintains hair follicle health,’ he added.

‘Waxing is done to keep the beard in a particular shape and stiff and should ideally be done when the beard is soft and supple. Trimming and shaping the Beard – a well-kept beard looks shapely and goes well with a particular face. It is better to use scissors as they allow more fine tuning and prevent split ends. Choose a simple style and shave the non hairy area which has to be ideally done every three days. Every few weeks, we suggest snipping off uneven patches and split or loose ends so as to maintain the natural contour of your face. Regular brushing of the beard using a small comb or a wide bristled brush will keep it in shape,’ added Dr Agarwal.


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