Pune: Nate Tikvuya, a platform for availing counselling for relationship and mental health issues

Increasing workload and less family time is always harmful for an individual and a healthy relationship. It leads to rise in misunderstanding, lack of trust, egoistic levels, distrust, among the individuals. Which can further lead to depression, and having suicidal thoughts. To curb this, and to give a platform to the individuals, a group of friends have come together, and are helping people to find an solution.

Komal Patil (name changed) developed relationship issues with her husband. When she was not willing to continue, she went into depression, which led her to have suicidal thoughts.

She then came across a Facebook post, which mentioned about Nate Tikvuya, a group that does free counseling for people with mental health issues. ‘I used to worry that if I go to a professional counselor, it would reveal my identity. Also, I could not afford a professional counselor. So, I contacted them, and underwent around 10 counseling sessions. I successfully overcame my depression thoughts, and they also helped me with the free legal aid that I needed.’

‘There may be many like me who need free counseling, and some support system, apart from friends and family. A group like this not only comes as a great help, but also helps many to live life again,’ she added.

Volunteers from Pune and other parts of Maharashtra have started a free counseling programme for people with mental health issues. When relationship issues become a cause of depression and suicidal thoughts, this group comed to the aid of the couple. The group aims to provide medico-legal legal help to the couple, and consist of various professionals, including psychologists, lawyers, psychiatrist, among others.

Like-minded friends have come together and have formed a group which they have named – Nate Tikvuya. So far, the group has counselled around 65 people from different parts of Maharashtra. They have created a Facebook page, where people message or call them on the given number, and speak about the problems. The complete anonymity of the person’s identity is maintained.

Sanket Munot, one of the founders, and a working professional from Pune, said, ‘I had come across many cases, where young couples are suffering from relationship related issues. Also, young adults or teenagers had problematic relations with their parents. All these people were also suffering from mental health issues. They used to feel dejected, depressed. Also, when I interacted with them, I understood that they do not have a platform where they can avail a free psychological counselling or legal support. It is then, I started contacting my friends, who then showed readiness to start such a group.’

‘Because of family and depression issues, cases of suicide and depression are increasing. Small ego fights, interference of parents, extramarital affairs, misunderstanding lead to relationship problems. Also, the wrong career choice makes children blame their parents. All these issues disturb the mental health of people. This platform listens to all these problems, and help them find a solution.’

‘Nowadays, we live in a nuclear family, and we do not have anybody to share our thoughts and feelings. We give people a platform to talk about their thoughts aloud. The majority of the cases that have come to us are relationship issues,’ added Chhaya Sawarkar, who works as a counsellor with the group.


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