Person who searched for a lost wedding ring blessed with an unexpected ‘jackpot’

A man has blessed with an unexpected jackpot while searching for a missed wedding ring of his friend.

Paul Raynard was helping his friend to find his wedding ring. And he stumbled upon 100,000 British pounds (Dh471,000 approx) worth of ancient gold coins. The incident took place in a farm in Northern Ireland.

Raynard,aged 44, father of two from Keighley in West Yorkshire was on a holiday in Ballycastle. And he was hunting for his friend’s wedding ring when he found 84 500-year-old coins. Some of the coins date back to the early 1500s, when King Henry VIII was ruling.

Both Raynard and Gwyne were on a holiday with a farmer friend when he asked them to help find his wedding ring which he had lost in the farm surrounding his home.

“It was an amazing feeling – like checking your lottery numbers and realising you’ve hit the jackpot. I was shaking. I still can’t believe it now,’ Raynard said to a English tabloid.

Although the Raynard struck gold, they could still not find their friend’s lost wedding ring .


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