Obesity and high blood pressure can cause kidney failure

Kidney is an important part of the body. It does not work only in making urine in the body but it is also the work of blood purification, balance of water in the body, balance of acids and base, control of blood pressure, collaboration in the production of blood particles and strengthening of bones.

A recent research has said that due to diabetes, hypertension and obesity, there is a risk of kidney failure. In this case, caution is most important to avoid this disease. In order to keep Kidney fit, the doctor advises to avoid five things which are very useful.

In a program organized by the Satyaj Kidney Care Foundation Institute on Sunday to awaken Kidney consciousness, Dr. Prakash highlighted the growing dangers on the kidneys and emphasized the need to launch a comprehensive consciousness campaign among the common people.
He said that due to kidney failure, the condition of dialysis and kidney transplantation should not be given, therefore it is necessary to take cognizance of the kidneys from the beginning. He said that there is so much expenditure in the treatment of a spoiled kidney that it is not the matter of every man. Therefore, it is wise to maintain kidney maintenance.


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