UN report on expatriates, India tops the chart with 1.75 Crore NRIs,Mexico stands second

A report of the UN on expatriates reveals Indians as the biggest expatriate group in the world. The expatriates of Indian origin amount to 1.75 crores. The 2020 report of the International organization for migration lists India topping the chart followed by Mexico(1.18 Cr) and China(1.07 Cr). The report is based on figures of 2018 and it is the consecutive time India is topping the list.

There is a rise of 0.1 percent in expatriate Indians within a span of 3 years. The NRI Indians send 5.5 lakh Crore rupees to India annually as foreign currency. This is a 70 thousand crore rupee hike as compared to 2015 statistics.
While the rest of the expatriates combined to send 49 lakh crore(in Indian currency) to their respective nations.


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