Early reviews for Amazon Prime Video and TVF’s ‘Hostel Daze’ are out and fans are going gaga over it!

The men behind the seminal Kota Factory are back with yet another mindboggling show “Hostel Daze”. TVF’s latest web series has dropped on Amazon Prime Video and the prolific content is already making it a huge hit. The show showcases the hostel life of engineering students and will encapsulate the shenanigans that living in a hostel entails. 

The viewers have already started admiring and acclaiming the show and by the looks of it, the show is a definite binge-watch!

One fan shared, “One word review:- Excellent
Tvf waalon ek hi Dil Hain kitni Baar jeetoge ,
Nikhil Vijay , shubham gaur Dil jeet liya bhaiyon ne.
Honest performance , relatable much , and sharp writing which will keep u up. #HostelDaze

Second tweet read,” #HostelDaze an awesome entertaining series.
 Supperb decision of bringing
@TheViralFever on. Loved every bit of series. ???”

Another fan shared’ “All hail the finest ??
Binge watched #HostelDaze
What fine detailing you guys have,
In menu card of canteen- Veg Hidarabadi??
And the Crux you gave at the end?
A Salute from my Side ?
Kudos?? to
@TheViralFever and team”

Some more tweets are “#HostelDaze Really Enjoyable,Funny & Great Show,Just wish it has more episodes,I laughed so much during these episodes,especially Ep 1 & Ep 4,kudos to @TheViralFever
 making amazing shows,Watch it now on
 ????? and tag everyone no one should left behind?”

“Just finished #HostelDaze.
Will take you on A Nostalgia Trip to your Hostel days. There were really some great moments, I just burst out laughing. But I’m sure You’ll enjoy each and every second watching it. MUST WATCH.”

Over the weekend, fans will definitely be binge-watching the show and even going for second rounds

Hostel Daze can be described as a laughter ride through the corridors of hostel life that celebrates the catastrophe escapade of four students played by Adarsh Gourav, Luv, Shubham Gaur, Nikhil Vijay, and wing-mates, brought together by fate and later followed by forced friendships, heartbreaks, and flumping grades.

The show is created by Saurabh Khanna and Abhishek Yadav, directed by Raghav Subbu, and executive producer Sameer Saxena, who’s also the head and chief content officer at TVF Originals. All five episodes of Hostel Daze are now streaming on  Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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