Excess intake of Vitamin D is harmful

Vitamin D deficiency usually causes many problems and people use a variety of medicines to overcome its deficiency, but do you know that too much vitamin D in the body can harm your kidneys. This thing has come out from a new research. Therefore it is very important to maintain this right amount in the body. How can the kidney be damaged if there is too much vitamin D in the body, let us know about this new research. But first of all, know why vitamin D is necessary for our body.

Apart from this, it is important to note that vitamin D is very important for our overall health. It works to control the level of calcium in the body, which is necessary for the functioning of nervous system and strengthening of bones.
At the same time it also increases the immune system of the body, so that we can avoid many diseases. But due to lack of it in the body, obesity can increase as well as depression, bone pain, weakened immunity system, exhaustion, low energy level, etc. Although 400-1000 IU doses of vitamin D should be taken daily, vitamin D 800-2000 IU is recommended in older people with high risk of osteoporosis and in older people. Although vitamin D toxicity is rare due to a large therapeutic range, its widespread availability in various over-the-counter can pose a significant risk to uninfected patients. “

In addition, physicians should be aware of the risks of the use of vitamin D to limit complications related to hypercalcemia. Even after supplementation, calcium levels may deteriorate in patients before they improve, as vitamin D is soluble in fat. The researchers suggested, “Our experience tells us that patients and physicians should be better informed about the risks of incomplete use of vitamin D.”

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