Indian-Americans organise ‘sit-in Satyagraha’ in US


A group of Indian-Americans organised a ‘sit-in Satyagraha’ in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue near the Indian Embassy here, highlighting the need for pluralism in an ancient and heterogeneous society like India.

The sit-in-Satyagraha, two days after the 72nd death anniversary of Gandhi, was organised by ‘Young India’, a policy advocacy group.

Speeches from community members were also made in the memory of the Mahatma. The speakers highlighted the need for pluralism in an ancient and heterogeneous society like India.

“We have gathered here to remind us of Mahatma’s message, method and also insistence to activate our conscience in times of trial.
World’s two largest democracies have found themselves in positions where many see democratic evolution is under duress,” said Indian-American Rohit Tripathi, the founder and current president of ‘Young India’.

In his brief address to the gathering on Saturday, Tripathi, the man behind the ‘sit-in Satyagraha’, said the objective is to send a message to the people that the achievement of mass participation can only be done through non-violence.

“The Mahatma believed that the goal of every confrontation is ultimately to move all parties forward together. Today as many in India walk the path of non-violence in their response to the happenings of the day, we here stand in solidarity of the methodology that we have adopted that of non-violence,” he said.

“He showed us the power of Satyagraha (soul force) in demanding dignity but with the intent of reconciliation. That’s what the scores of women led sit-ins across India have shown us all,” he said, referring to the nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The event concluded with the formation of a human chain, circumambulation of Gandhi’s statue, and the Indian national anthem.


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