Couple adopted dog from shelter, beat it to death with scaffolding rod before cooking and eating it: Police

The police in Russia are looking to investigate a couple who adopted a dog from an animal shelter, only to beat it to death and then eat it. 

The fate of the “friendly and affectionate” pooch ‘Nika’ came to light when a shelter staff visited the “respectable” owners to check on the dog on the same night the dog was adopted. As reported by The Sun, a volunteer at a rescue shelter in East Russia, Ekaterina Valyus said, “When I arrived at the house I smelled fried meat.”

Valyus shared that she saw some hair and blood on the concrete porch and also noticed some blood and hair at the end of an iron scaffolding rod.
“The rest was on their stove,” she revealed. Nika had been seen wagging his tail and licking the vile couple earlier that day before they mercilessly bludgeoned it to death. 

Galina and her un-identified husband had promised to love and look after Nika, just hours before the gut-wrenching incident. 

Sickening pictures show a huge bowl of bright pink guts in the kitchen. Nika’s blood was found splattered in other areas of the house as well and in the snow outside. There was also a puddle of urine where the frightened dog had peed itself as it died. 

The couple had initially denied that the dog had been butchered until Galina confessed to the crime. According to statements released by the authorities, Galina was gloating about the incident. She said, “No-one will put me in jail over a dog’.”

The Dog Shelter director Irina Savitskaya is demanding that the couple be jailed for torturing and murdering ‘Nika’ who had already lead a tough life on the streets before being rescued. She said, Galina “gave me her passport details, made a contract, took the dog, and ate her new pet that very evening.”


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