Government’s National Health Portal believes that digging ditches is a good fitness activity

Anupa Kujur,

Believe it or not, physical fitness is becoming an essential aspect of our lives to achieve optimum health and wellbeing nowadays. And at a time when we are constantly bombarded with tips to remain fit, National Health Portal believes that digging ditches is one of the best fitness activity.

On the National Health Portal website, digging ditches is listed under vigorous-intensity physical activity that requires a large amount of effort with rapid breathing and a substantial increase in heart rate. Among others ‘heavy gardening (continuous digging),’ is also included in this list, which is based upon the amount of energy used by the body while doing the activity.

National Health Portal, set up by the government under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, aims to provide healthcare-related information to the citizens of India and to serve as a single point of access for consolidated health information. The portal’s goal is to become the “gateway to authentic health information for all”.

The portal also suggests that carrying or shifting heavy loads of less than 20 kg is a good fitness activity.

In its moderate-intensity physical activity, the portal suggests “traditional hunting and gathering” can also help people stay fit.

The portal, which aims to collect, verify and disseminate health and health care delivery services related information for all citizens of India, includes myths and facts on physical fitness.

Busting a myth that fitness requires one to have the equipment, special shoes, clothes and get enrolled in sports facilities, the portal suggests, “Physical activity can be done almost anywhere. Walking is a highly recommended physical activity and it is absolutely free. Urban parks or other pedestrian areas can be used for walking, running or playing.”


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