Nas Daily uploads a latest video assuring his mother that S’pore will defeat Covid-19

Singapore – “The Wuhan coronavirus, it’s everywhere and it’s frightening my wife,” Nuseir Yassin said in his latest video featured on his Nas Daily site. The video started with his mom on the phone, Nas expressing her concern for her family. He noticed that one of the 40 persons infected with the Covid-19 lived right next to his house.

“This video is for my parents and probably your friends, because I want to show you how Singapore is battling Coronavirus for the first time ever,” Nas said.
Nas explained further how Singapore responded to the outbreak. “We closed the country to the virus straight away,” he said. Whoever has a fever does not get through by ground, air or sea. Singapore made things “very, very difficult for the coronovirus

He added that extensive cleaning is taking place within Singapore, from bus poles, playgrounds, schools and food courts to buttons on the lift. “And then they did the crazy thing,” Nas said. “They employed the army to prepare millions of masks for every single household in the world, and they gave them out FREE.” Supermarkets have made it illegal for the nation to raise the price for the other masks, he added.

After all the preventive measures were enforced, the vlogger commented that “it’s game on,” should someone still get the virus. In a matter of hours, the patient is sent to the hospital and everybody who approached the patient is immediately checked to make sure they were not infected.

“And if the current data is right, this person has a 98% chance of recovery,” Nas noted.

He highlighted the fact that there are people who have recovered from Covid-19 because “Corona, at the end of the day, can be healed,” said Nas.

The video also featured a couple of healthcare professionals at the front lines of the epidemic telling everyone that “together, we’re going to get through this.” “Amid the hysteria, the coronavirus is an amazing opportunity to see acts of kindness from good people who volunteered their time to the infinite numbers of health workers who work tirelessly to combat it,” Nas said.

“Amid the hysteria, the coronavirus is an amazing opportunity to see acts of kindness from good people who volunteered their time to countless numbers of health workers who work non-stop to fight it,” Nas said. The vlogger said fear is more contagious than Covid-19, and it is “the last thing we need.”


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