Twitter trolls roast Buttigieg’s robotic ‘Raise the Roof’ dance move

On the campaign trail in New Hampshire, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was recorded cheering and dancing with supporters by Washington Post reporter Chelsea Janes.

In a video posted on Twitter, Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana can be seen performing the “Raise the Roof” dance move with New Hampshire congresswoman Annie Kuster.

The American public has not been appeased by Buttigieg’s best attempt, and the public outcry for such a repulsive Raise the Roof has been felt across the media spectrum, causing a flood of tweets comparing the presidential candidate to droids due to his rigid, robotic dance moves.

Salt on the wound comes in the form of what is perhaps the most amusing part of the video, where a person in the background is holding up a placard supporting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, which is promptly covered up by a Buttigieg sign.

The success of Buttigieg’s campaign in the New Hampshire primary warrants celebration, even if such revelry is displayed by subpar dance moves. Finishing in New Hampshire with 24 per cent and reportedly leading the Iowa caucus last week, former Mayor of South Bend currently stands a mere 2 per cent behind Vermont Senator and State winner Bernie Sanders.

When asked by Alisyn Camerota, a CNN correspondent, whether he will continue to show his dance moves on the campaign trail, Buttigieg responded with a laugh and said, “I think the less people see me dancing the better, but we definitely bring a lot of joy to the campaign trail.”

“…it’s also a joyful process because you’re engaging with the supporters, with the fellow Americans in this extraordinary experience in American democracy, and you never know what moments that can lead to on the campaign trail,” he added.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota then asked Buttigieg whether he thinks his dance moves cost him the win in New Hampshire, to which Pete responded by saying, “Well, I doubt that they played a big role in bringing a majority together, but you never know how things are received among voters.”


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