This Valentine’s Day, Taapsee Pannu has a Karara Jawab to all the Violentines!

Makers of Thappad release yet another thought provoking and intriguing video to celebrate Valentines Day. The video which seemingly is light hearted, but jolts the viewer into a stunning realization! A classic satire, the video shows Taapsee Pannu meeting the family of a prospective groom, and the entire family can be seen having a casual conversation around Thappad and how such behaviour is considered normal in our society. The video ends with an impactful and much needed message asking the stunned viewers – does love give you the license to slap!?

From the poster of the film with the punch line, `Thappad- Bas itni si baat ? which created quite a conversation around the serious impact to a slap to the trailer, Thappad has managed to make the right noise. Recently, the makers also released the second trailer which asked viewers to report their own content, hence drilling the message of how abuse and insults of any form in relationships must not be tolerated.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, Thappad talks about and raises relationships between men and women in and outside marriage. The film tackles a plethora of relationship issues that unfortunately have been normalised in our society. The trailer itself had created a furore especially with women who even came ahead to share their relationship stories.

The much-awaited film, Thappad is being produced by Anubhav Sinha and Bhushan Kumar starring Taapsee Pannu is set to release on 28th Feb.

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