Fed up with fake people? Here is how to judge whether a person is real or fake?

Real or fake is a vast subject to be talked about. We sometimes make our judgment on somebody based on his first impression on us. But to know about somebody it takes time, their originality comes to us only after a particular time. To know, whether a person is real or fake here are few signs which can reveal their inner truth to us.

Sometimes fake smiles are normal. You possibly use a fake smile when someone takes a picture or probably when you have to laugh at a joke due to social pressure. But if the person on a consistent basis has a fake smile then be careful as the person might be a fake.
Beware of getting influenced by such person. One important thing to notice is that when there is a genuine smile the person gets tiny wrinkles on the corners of their eyes & also their skin between upper eyelids and eyebrows will move down.

2. You will never find a genuine temperament in a fake person, as they don’t show their actual side at all. A fake person will always try to be extra sweet with you, those type of person never reveal their actual reaction to you.

3. A fake person will always misguide you, as they are opinionless. They will never criticize you in front of your face, even if you are wrong. They would probably encourage you at that point, which is not correct on an actual interface.

4. They will make you friend, possibly would party with you, will share drinks on the weekends. But when you will have an actual need of that friend they will never be a part of your life, they will possibly make an excuse that time. They will never support you during your weakness. They wouldn’t reply your text, e-mails, won’t respond your calls also.

5. If a person turns out that they never get upset or mad about something, then such person is a fake.

6. If a person talks something about you behind your back, then he/she must be a fake, as when the same person gossip such bad stuff about somebody else, then, on the contrary he/she must talk about you the same right.

7. A fake person always tries to tell someone about an act of kindness, whereas a real person does an act of kindness but never reveals the same.

8. A real person means to be there with your wallet, but fake will try to get into it.

9. A real person will listen to your stories, whereas a fake will always try to tell stories.

10. A real person will try to be around you, fake person will be around as per their convenience

11. A real person will lend there hand to you, fake will give a gift on the contrary.

So, these are few signs that may help you to judge between fake & real, now it’s up to your instincts where to land.


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