28-year-old artist gets jail term for stealing artworks

A 28-year-old Asian painter gets three months jail term by the Dubai Court of First Instance for stealing artworks and painting material worth Dhs1,710 from his employer.The owner of the art shop testified that the suspect had joined his staff two months before the incident, but was not happy about his salary and began to look for another job.

The victim (the shopowner) informed the suspect that he had to pay Dhs7,000 for the visa issuance fees in order to leave the workplace.The suspect claimed that he did not have the money, and started to skip work. The victim was then forced to file a report against the runaway employee.

When the suspect learnt about the filed complaint, he immediately contacted the victim and asked for his work dues, but his request was rejected.

At the end of December, a staff member informed the owner that shop was robbed, and by checking surveillance tapes, it was found that the suspect was the culprit.

Accordingly, he was detained and charged with theft,sentenced to three months in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance.


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