Privacy and pandemic

Should privacy, or the anxiety concerning the violation of privacy, merit attention at the time of a pandemic? The minders of the State – the … Read more

Show some restraint

Sir – The Covid-19 pandemic has reportedly sparked a global shortage in condoms, since manufacturing has come to a halt and distribution pathways have been … Read more

Distances in a crowded house

Everything in my American life is coming to a standstill. Colleagues aren’t travelling. Conferences and meetings have been cancelled. University classes are moving online as … Read more

Legal puzzles

Sir – A recent judgment by the Supreme Court which held that there is “no fundamental right which inheres in an individual to claim reservation … Read more

Protest against HK quarantine

Hundreds of demonstrators rallied for a second day in Hong Kong on Sunday to protest against plans to turn some buildings into coronavirus quarantine centres, … Read more

Pinto revealed secrets

Manchester City’s two-year ban from the Champions League for breaking Financial Fair Play rules was uncovered by the most unlikely of detectives – Rui Pinto, … Read more

Trump in legal right claim

US President Donald Trump on Friday said he has “the legal right” to interfere in criminal cases, capping a tumultuous week that raised questions about … Read more

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