Image credit: Yogen Shah
Movie Night
Akshay Kumar is no doubt a family man to the core. The actor was seen accompanying his grandmother-in-law, Betty Kapadia, brother-n-law Karan, wife Twinkle and daughter Nitara for a movie last night.Image
Image credit: Yogen Shah
A doting grandson-in-law
Akshay Kumar played a doting grandson-in-law as he held Betty Kapadia who faced difficulty walking.Image
Image credit: Yogen Shah
Little Princess
Akshay Kumar's little one, Nitara, looked pretty in an easy-breezy blue frock.Image
Image credit: Yogen Shah
Better Half
Like her daughter, Nitara, Twinkle Khanna looked equally beautiful in a brown jumpsuit.Image
Image credit: Yogen Shah
Akshay Kumar's brother-in-law, Karan Kapadia, was also seen with the fam last night.

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